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    1. 2.1. A new storm has appeared
    2. 2.2. Brothers wall hurts innocent
    3. 2.3. I want to give you a CD of the past
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Talking about the year with cloud server

The cloud server that I bought for a year is about to expire. Think about it carefully and find that this year, you actually did not use the server to do what it should do. This year is undoubtedly that it is to write a blog, write a blog, build a WeChat applet, Tomcat to practice, NGINX to practice, write a blog, write …

Cause I do n’t know who I ’m holding

At that time, I liked to play Minecraft, so I wanted to set up a 7 * 24 online server for myself, so that my friends and I could build a harmonious society in Minecraft anytime, anywhere! , So the Minecraft server was shut down by me (I was a person without friends)
Then, the school curriculum began to involve Java Web programming (I have always been very curious, why the college will open a large number of courses with extremely high coincidence, and the overall training program is also infinitely close to the computer application specialty class, completely depart The original intention of the undergraduate education of software engineering. Forget it, maybe the leaders and teachers have their own considerations, they want to protect the children of this school to have a meal after school … Hey, I seem to have said a special off-topic) I suddenly found that things like Tomcat ran more on the Linux platform than Windows, and under the blessing of domain names and public network ips, it seemed that I could access the things I put on the server hard disk everywhere. Come, don’t it be wonderful!
So with this feeling, step by step began to learn how to engage in cloud server settings and project deployment. Since Deepin (Wuhan Shenzhi’s domestic Linux distribution modified on the basis of Debian) is used as the main operating system on his laptop, he is still familiar with Linux. At the same time, it also relies on the Linux course of the first semester of the sophomore year. Because the teaching materials selected by the teachers of the college are based on the content of the CentOS sample, between the two lineups of Ubuntu and Redhat, it is more moist and more fishy.


A new storm has appeared

I personally hate the Java language, but you have to ask me why I might not be able to answer it in a while. At some point I blamed it on the fact that the school had too many repeated Java courses and the code was redundant and messy. But now I may explain because I am afraid of being beaten: “Java keywords are too long, my IQ does not remember :)”
Why say this thing? Because as the end of the Java web course draws closer, Tomcat becomes a server running only HTML. As fancy rich text gradually increased, I also discovered at a certain moment that Tomcat would be inexplicably slow when someone was parsing something.

“Comrades, the quick way to solve a problem is to kill the person who asked the question!”

So I do n’t need Tomcat anymore, because I heard that in the northwestern part of the world, there was a vote among the Maozi brothers and they wrote something called NGINX. (To show respect, capitalize it.)
What’s so good about this stuff? Why are all NGINX deployed projects on Github?
I do n’t know why it ’s good, anyway, I ’ll use it. Since then, the LNMP combination has officially settled on the server that I spent heavily on (120 oceans including domain names and SSL certificates).

Brothers wall hurts innocent

LNMP is a good thing, and it will be installed once for many third-party server management interfaces. For Xiaobai, one-click installation of this stuff is simply a script that contemporary live Lei Feng can write. But before Uncle Leifeng benefited Xiaobai, there were two choices that made Xiaobai users worry. “How to install and what to install?”
LNMP, L is Linux, and N is Nginx I just mentioned, what about “M” and “P”?
Someone must have jumped out, “Isn’t M just MySQL, have you started to add words to the article?”
Yes, you discovered it Actually, otherwise, for the novice, that is, Xiaobai, this “M” may represent 2 ~ 3 things.
So what does this “M” mean? In fact, it is MySQL, MariaDB and MongoDB (who was told that M is the thing in LNMP is really bloody mold). Let’s mainly look at mariaDB and MySQL. We will have a chance to talk about later articles about the distributed file storage “Twenty-five Aberdeen” MongoDB.
What do you say about this thing? In fact, MySQL turned out to be a work by a private team. The creator thought it was time to sell MySQL to Sun (the old company with Java is another story), and then SUN was bought by Oracle again. Comrade Oracle is a well-known capitalist warrior. The people in the previous MySQL community watched MySQL fall into the hands of Oracle, worrying that MySQL might be closed down someday, so everyone was in the MySQL community On the basis of a branch, this is the origin of MariaDB, the more interesting thing is: “Maria is the name of the girl Michael Widenius, the founder of MySQL.”
It gives people a sense of drama that sells the father and the daughter is still all right.
From a current perspective, what is the huge gap between MySQL and MariaDB in terms of functionality? Similarly, from my perspective, I feel that it is mainly a difference between the driver and the default account (based on the actual experience on Linux).
When many students engage in JDBC or some other messy BC, they always look dumbfounded: “Why should her computer run, my error?”
If there is no problem with the code, the chance is that the JDBC connection driver and the actual database version do not match. This is most clearly reflected in the higher version of MySQL. ~ My dormitory president blindly pursued the new version of MySQL, which resulted in a semester coursework not being handed over to the teacher. I will tell you? ~ Similarly, the MariaDB driver and MySQL may be partly different, and fate and luck alone cannot guarantee the safety of the developer’s life.
Now let’s talk about the default account. As mentioned earlier, my physical machine is running Deepin, a domestic Linux distribution based on Debian (I think what is the ghost of Ubuntu kylin and ZTE won the bid for Kirin) When I used apt to install the database in the terminal, I was very confused. You said that I was typing
sudo apt-get install mysql
Or input
sudo apt-get install mariadb

(Of course, there are some server and client necessities, the full name can not remember it was omitted.)
Of course, I will not lose at all
The higher version of MySQL and MariaDB have made a surprisingly consistent place on deepin (for a certain version of mysql8.x and MariaDB do not know which version), that is
Don’t prompt to set root password when installation is complete
I think this is a maddening thing, but after asking for help online, I found that I was wrong
Both seem to delete the Debian default account
Many people may not know what this thing represents if they have n’t been in touch

“Isn’t it just a default account, what’s the use? Isn’t it safer?”
In fact, if there is a default account, I can log in to the database through the username and password of the default account, and then reset the root password through the high authority of this account, so as to have the supreme power of the entire database

Then these two goods deleted it for me

So now when I reinstalled the database, I developed a habit, go to the official website to get a version of 5.7.26, and then keep it on my Baidu cloud, U disk and FTP server of the server. (In fact, you can also temporarily close the database verification to achieve the operation of mixing MySQL to change the password, but the operation is too cumbersome to remember with my ability.) Unexpectedly, I also betrayed the online download.

I want to give you a CD of the past

When doing the so-called development work, I found that in fact, the existing cheap cloud server can also replace some public services that are common in life. But it really made me feel that I could do something else on this server because I received an official subscription email.

I do n’t want to put a picture here

The email was sent by a senior (also a programmer older than me), his mailbox suffix is ​​not QQ, outlook or messy “other mailboxes” (I do n’t mean anything, I also use other mailboxes, It’s just too lazy to type), ~ his suffix is ​​the kind that is rare ~, his suffix is ​​his own name, followed by an extremely regular “.cn”. (It seems that the money is not enough, or else go directly to com, he also quite agrees with me.)
I suddenly realized at this time, can I also have it?
The answer is yes, after some searching, I found that according to the online tutorials, it is a pleasant thing for Linux to carry a mail server, ~ (what ghost adjective?) ~ summary of various tutorials Next, I found that Linux is mainly relying on the “wonderful thing” of Postfix. After that, it is based on the tutorial.

Then my server went down
When configuring the mail server twice, I felt that it was a pain to configure mail in the terminal, because a long-term usage habit is to do whatever I want in a graphical interface. Although VNC is a very good graphics solution, the configuration of the server itself is not high (using the Tencent student discount, which is plainly a beggar version configuration and a 50G hard disk). VNC is a resident memory solution. For a user like me who expects to put everything on the server, it is a kind of devastation. The memory and bandwidth occupied completely allow me to open another WeChat public platform chat robot (I will mention this in detail in a later article), so I finally want to check in various open source communities. Is there any ready-made I use things (thanks to github and gitee, thank you for giving me the chance to fish in muddy water).
As I worked hard (yes, hard work), I finally found two ready-made solutions Note① . One is an enterprise-level solution but it is suspected of being charged. The other is pure community open source, and the little brothers inside are super friendly. I used to send emails in the past. I am also very uncomfortable with the little brother, but this habit has become the mainstream name in today’s society without knowing what is going on.)
Both solutions will help users deploy the mail server on the server with one click (just fill in the password and database name that you want to set), and after configuration is complete, you can enter the domain name in the browser to access the developer to write A good webmail page basically implements operations like QQ mailbox.
Because of this stuff, I reinstalled the server system twice
As everyone knows ~ may not be so well-known ~, I ran a bunch of unserviceable devices on my device, such as private cloud disks, personal blogs, WeChat applets (Node.js is definitely a restless person), games Servers (minecraft and famine, sometimes running, sometimes not running) … etc. etc. I do n’t know what configuration nginx the developer used, and what port conflicted with the existing port. The moment I restarted, all harmony on this server was destroyed and destroyed.
In view of the poor documentation of the developers, my lack of desire to pay, and my laziness, I chose to go back to the original starting point: “There is no web interface, use third-party mail software to access.”
Okay, now you can try to send an email to my Do n’t ask me why I never send you an email. That ’s because almost all the mainstream mail servers now know what to say. My mail was rejected as spam: @ (awkward). If you have an elder brother or sister who understands this, please trouble me | |

At last

Since then, gameplay, functionality, and serviceability have all been involved. Looking at the server is approaching one year, reviewing these past can always remember the crashing error interface, and constantly asking questions to the computer: “Why do I have a different interface from the tutorial” and “Why are foreign resource libraries so slow!” Note 2 .
As of today, you said that I have no sense of accomplishment. In fact, I do n’t have anything at all. In all fairness, these things are just for others to prepare for themselves. They are doing a little bit of porting work. Do you say I regret it? Actually, no, now that this education system and living environment does not start with the imitation of plagiarism?
At the beginning of 19, near March, I got an Alibaba Cloud Cloud Computing Assistant Engineer certification. It was meaningless, not difficult, and it passed after the meeting. It’s also interesting to say, using Tencent Cloud, but theoretical knowledge from Alibaba Cloud.
Alibaba ACA
What will you do on the server after that? It may be that as the free money in the later period increases, a little bit of server configuration will be upgraded, and then I will learn to run tensorflow, which is partial to machine learning. Of course, this is all going to happen in the future, who is right?
Thank you for browsing this article in your busy schedule. This article is just like a categorization essay. It does not have the rigor and logic of normal science articles. Maybe I will continue to write this kind of content in the future, and I will try. Write something that everyone really needs to share. In short, the time is still long, see you next time.


Note① The two solutions are Umail enterprise mailbox solution and gitee open source webmail mail server solution
Note ② centos and ubuntu use official (foreign) software sources by default. When solving software dependency problems, some sources will be blocked by> domestic firewalls. In recent years, Alibaba Cloud, China University of Science and Technology, Tencent Cloud, Huawei Cloud, Tsinghua University, Landa University (yes, it ’s that> Landa University we are familiar with) and various well-known universities have begun to lay out local sources, and have achieved great benign results. Organization and> Enterprise.

Author: Emerson
Copyright Notice: All articles in this blog are licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 unless stating additionally.
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